Leather Chesterfield Sofas

From the solid hardwood frame, to the deep cushion filling and leather upholstery, our leather Chesterfield sofas offer a timeless elegance that’s built to last.

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From the solid hardwood frame, to the deep cushion filling and leather upholstery, our leather Chesterfield sofas offer a timeless elegance that’s built to last.

Each piece in our range is handmade by specialist artisans from our workshop in northern England, using only the finest materials. We’ve handpicked a unique selection of leathers, all of which are made to wear in, not wear out.

Whether daring and bold or effortlessly refined, at Portabello you’ll find tones and textures to suit every decor. We purposely choose colours that can tie a room together, just as much as they can stand out as a statement. If you have a specific idea in mind, we can custom design a bespoke leather sofa to match your thinking.

Of course, it’s not just about style. All of our leather Chesterfield sofas are generously padded, making for the perfect combination of elegance, durability and comfort. Why settle for less?

Are Leather Chesterfields comfortable?

We use high-quality leathers to upholster our leather Chesterfields which we carefully select for their softness and feel to ensure maximum comfort. Paired with our generously filled reflex cushions, our leather Chesterfield sofas are a delight to sit in.

What kind of leathers are available?

We have 6 types of leather in our standard collection, all of which are available in a range of colourways. We only use top-grain and full-grain leather sourced from Italy, which guarantees a high-quality finish, a great feel and leather which will last for decades to come.

What is the difference between your leathers?

House Leather Our best value leather, sourced from a tannery in Italy. It has a supple, soft and inviting texture that is consistent throughout. As a protected leather, it’s also one of our most durable.
Antique Leather The traditional Chesterfield leather: Made from the same hides as our house leather, it has a unique two-tone finish.
Bolero Leather Similar to our House Leather with a consistent colour and texture throughout. Bolero has a tighter grain and is finished with a thin wax coating making it silky soft with a slight shine.
Heritage Leather Heritage is an aniline leather which retains all of the animal’s unique characteristics. It is minimally processed and brimming with rustic character.
Old English Leather Old English is similar to our Heritage Leather. It has deep colours, lots of character and a little more shine than Heritage.
Lustro Leather Lustro is silky smooth and made from Italian calf hides. It has a waxed finish and comes in 6 punchy colours which are perfect for making a statement.

Are your leathers stain protected?

Our House Leathers, Antique Leathers and Bolero Leather offer exceptional stain protection, allowing even spillages such as wine to be easily wiped away. Our Heritage and Lustro leathers are finished with a waxed coating which showcases the unique characteristics of the material. This offers some stain protection, but you should be more careful if you have pets or children. Old English Leather is much like our Heritage leather but offers enhanced stain protection.

Are leather Chesterfields handmade in the UK?

We manufacture each leather Chesterfield by hand in our UK workshop using traditional upholstery techniques. Working like this gives us complete control over the entire manufacturing process and allows us to offer unique customisation options.

What is the guarantee on leather Chesterfield sofas?

We guarantee our leather Chesterfield sofas for 15 years from the date of delivery. The delivery covers the frame, the fillings and of course the leather. We also offer an aftercare service offering you support with any questions or queries about your sofa after delivery.

How should I care for a leather Chesterfield sofa?

Leather Chesterfield sofas are reasonably simple to care for. You should keep them away from sources of heat and light. We also recommend regularly dusting them every month and lightly vacuuming the deep buttoning to remove any build-up of dirt. Every 2-3 years, you should condition your sofa, to keep it in the best possible condition.

What customisations are available?

Whether you want to go oversized or need something to fit into a smaller space, we can build a leather Chesterfield to your size. We also offer a wide range of customisation options, covering the feet, studding and border buttoning.

Are the cushions reversible?

As leather is airtight, we don't make the cushions on our leather Chesterfields reversible as this would stop the seat cushion from compressing when sat on.


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Brilliant product! looks and feels like british hand made quality, you cannot buy this off the shelf! Shipping time was ideal and customer support was on point.

Jayne Bolster

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Fantastic product and brilliant service. Tailor made to my specifications and delivered bang on time. Highly recommend and thank you!

From Essex

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Amazing from start to finish absolutely totally professional service .My Chesterfields are absolutely top class lots of comments from family