Linen Chesterfield Sofas

Looking for something in a lighter, modern style? Our latest range of linen Chesterfield sofas keeps things fresh whilst still adding a dash of elegance to your home.

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Linen is fresh and modern, making for a Chesterfield sofa that is timeless and elegant. It's this timelessness and elegance that makes a linen Chesterfield sofa, so well suited to modern and traditional homes alike.

We have 4 linens in our standard range, all of which are robust and durable with a Martindale abrasion score above 40,000, making them a practical choice for everyday use. Whilst all of our lines are strong and durable, each has a unique feel and offers a different amount of texture and colour variation.

House linen is soft with a healthy amount of textural detail and interwoven pattern, making it laid back yet elegant. Our Tuscan linen is surprisingly soft. Compared to our House Linen, the colour is more consistent with less textural variation making for a Chesterfield that is a little more refined. Dakota on the other hand is brimming with detail, with subtle contrast variations woven throughout, it's an elegant material but has a noticeably laid-back feel. Weave is luxuriously soft and has a very consistent colour making it our most elegant linen fabric.

We build all of our Chesterfield sofas on a solid hardwood frame and fill cushions generously with a reflex foam which is soft, sumptuous and maintains its shape well into the future. Our standard sizes are 2 seater, 3 seater and 4 seater and we offer matching chairs for all of our designs.

Are Linen Chesterfields comfortable?

We build all of our linen Chesterfield sofas on a solid hardwood frame and fill the cushions generously with a sumptious reflex foam which offers a great sit. As a material linen is soft to the touch and makes an excellent choice for a comfortable Chesterfield sofa.

What kind of linens are available?

Our House Linen is lightly textured, soft to the touch and brimming with detail. It's interwoven with cotton and polyester and finished with a protective coating making it very practical. Our Dakota Linen is deeply textured with a subtly contrasting weave. As a fabric it's robust yet soft, and has a light and fresh aesthetic that's easy going. Our softest linen is Tuscan Linen. It's sourced from Belgium and is interwoven with polyester making it as strong as it is beautiful. It's suprisingly soft and makes an excellent choice for a linen Chesterfield sofa. Our Weave linen has an almost velvet-like texture and a veryn luxurious feel. It has a consistent colour throughout, with less textural detail when compared with out House, Dakota and Tuscan linen. With a Martindale abrasion score of 100,00 - it's our most durable linen.

Are your linens stain protected?

All of our linens have interwoven stain protection and are finished with a stain protective coating.

I can't find the linen fabric that I'm looking for, do you have other linens available?

As all of our linen Chesterfields are made to order, we are able to craft them using linens outside of our. standard range. We have accounts with most of the UK's biggest fabric suppliers, giving us access to thousands of linen fabrics. If you can't find the linen that you are looking for, contact our team and we'll be delighted to find something for you.

Where are your linen Chesterfield sofas made?

We craft each linen Chesterfield sofa by hand from our workshop in Lancashire. Carrying out the entire manufacturing process under-one-roof allows us to ensure the quality of every component that we use and offer limitless customisation options.

Are your linen Chesterfield sofas guaranteed?

Every Chesterfield sofa comes with a 15-year guarantee as standard. We also offer continued aftercare so that if you ever have an issue with your linen Chesterfield sofa, our team will quickly resolve it for you.

How should I care for a linen Chesterfield?

Thanks to linen's inherent resiliance along with the built in stain protection that we use, our linen Chesterfild sofas are reasonably simple to care for. Small stains can normally be wiped away quickly, for larger stains we'd encourage you to contact our customer support team. You should also vacuum the buttons on your linen Chesterfield lightly every month to avoid the build up of any dust and keep your sofa away from sources of sunlight and heat.

How can I customise my linen Chesterfield?

As we manufacture everything in-house, we're able to offer lots of customisation options. Whether you're looking for an oversizes linen Chesterfield, or need something to fit in a tricky space - we can customise the dimensions for you. We also offer a wide range of finishings allowing your to tailor your linen Chesterfield to match your individuality.

Do you offer reversible cushions?

All of our fabric Chesterfield sofas come with reversible cushions as standard. We reccomend flipping the cushions every 6 months.

Mr Mervyn Butler

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We ordered a red chesterfield settee in May, it was 6 weeks roughly delivery, which was not a problem, we are very happy with our purchase, 3 young men delivered the settee and were helpful and friendly , I wouldn’t hesitate in using Portobello again in the future

Irene Armstrong

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5)

Ordered a 3 seater sofa - absolutely delighted with it. Fabric, quality of build etc all excellent. Good timely communication from company when I queried delivery to. Would recommend.

Lynda Downes

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5)

Another purchase from Portabello arrived yesterday, again, brilliant communication and no problem with delivery to Northern Ireland, very pleased with our purchase! Thankyou Adam and your team! All the best for the future for Portabello.