Help and support International delivery

International delivery

Due to the nature of international shipping, the costs of international delivery are dependent on a wide range of factors. If you are a customer outside of the EU and wish to order from us, you should contact us for a personalised quote, providing the delivery address.

Here are some examples of costs and lead times. These are only approximate and may change depending on your order and precise location.

France £100 per seat 4 days
Germany, Switzerland and Austria £100 per seat 4 days
Spain £100 per seat 4 days
Rest of Europe £150 per seat 1 week
United States and Canada £200 per seat 2 weeks
Central and South America £200 per seat 2 weeks
Asia £200 per seat 2 weeks
Australia and New Zealand £250 per seat 3 weeks
North Africa £200 per seat 2 weeks
Central and South Africa £200 per seat 2 weeks
Middle East £200 per seat 2 weeks
We also reserve the right to deliver to your nearest port when a door to door delivery is not possible.