Our commitment to the environment

Pendle Hill

Our commitment to the environment

From the very outset, we wanted to build a business that was environmentally friendly and ultimately carbon neutral. This is why we carefully choose who we work with and the materials that we use. We do this because to truly make an impact, we need to work with businesses who share our commitment throughout the supply chain.

From the hardwood frames to the leather that we use on our products — we carefully select materials that are not only durable and beautiful but importantly sustainable and have a minimal environmental impact.

All of our furniture is built to last as long as humanly possible. We use solid hardwood to build our frames so that when the time does come for something newer, you can reupholster your piece in a more modern fabric. If something goes wrong, you can always have it fixed by a trained upholsterer. Building furniture like this means that you can use it for longer, which is better for the planet.

We are aware that there is always more to be done. In the last quarter of 2019, we began looking at ways to reduce the impact of deliveries which is one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint. In 2020 we will begin our journey to zero plastic — bringing us to closer to our goal of building carbon neutral furniture.

We know that being an environmentally responsible organisation means making an ongoing commitment to learning about the environment and developing our processes to serve it better.