Our Story

In a world of fast-fashion and throw-away culture – our hand-crafted Chesterfields go beyond fleeting trends, celebrate your home and stay with you for a lifetime.

The Portabello difference

We’re not interested in contributing to the damaging cycle created by cheaply made furniture. On the contrary, we used high-quality materials to craft the timeless and iconic Chesterfield that will stay with you forever.

Our Chesterfields transcend passing trends – giving you a durable piece of furniture which will stand the test of time, not only physically but aesthetically. With proper care, our quality, well-made pieces will flawlessly accompany your family for a lifetime and beyond.

We craft sustainably

By building Chesterfields to last, we demonstrate our commitment to your investment. We only source materials from suppliers who share our dedication to exceptional craft, high quality materials and a sustainable future for everyone.

Because it’s not just a Chesterfield. It’s Personal

We have 5 carefully considered Chesterfield designs which can be upholstered in a choice of over 130 high quality fabrics and leathers. Don’t hurry. Take your time to browse our materials and finishing options and order free samples of materials you like. As with everything worthwhile in life, choosing a Chesterfield takes time.


Leather is a natural, living material, that nourishes itself by breathing air and moisture through its pores. Depending on the leather, a leather Chesterfield can be modern, traditional, rustic or refined.

Whilst our Bolero and House leathers maintain their smooth and consistent texture over time. Leathers such as Old English and Heritage have a rustic edge, and gracefully reveal subtle scarring as they age – a well-known hallmark of quality artisanal leather.


All our fabrics are man-made, milled with either polyester or a polyester-cotton blend. This ensures that they are not only beautiful and comfortable to sit on, but incredibly hard-wearing and practical to maintain. Linens in natural hues are sophisticated, yet relaxed, whereas deep blues and greens in velvet make for an opulent statement piece.

Finishing Options

Finishing options make all the difference: Castors and antique nail-trim detailing are unmistakeably traditional, whereas piping and oak feet add a touch of modernity.

Your forever sofa

We guarantee our Chesterfields for 15 years from the delivery date and offer replacement parts and a repair service in case of accidents. If you ever fancy a change, you can always have your Chesterfield recovered with our recovering service.

How long will it take?

Beauty and quality take time and patience. You won’t find any of our sofas available for next day delivery. We make your order, by hand, just for you in our own workshop. Lead-times range between 6 and 12 weeks. You can see up to date lead times on our product pages.

How much does it cost?

Buying a hand-crafted Chesterfield is an investment, but the justifications are plentiful. A quality piece of furniture that is timeless, used every day and lasts a lifetime is not only the essence of good interior design – but is sustainable and can be passed down the generations.

See how our 3 Seater Chesterfield sofa in Antique leather compares to other premium Chesterfield brands

Materials £542.40
Labour £420.36
Shipping £90.00
True Cost £1,052.76

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