Quality Statement

It is in the interest of our customers and stakeholders that we run our business in a way that is ethical, efficient and commercially sound. We understand that our reputation is underpinned by quality; quality of service and quality of the products that we make. 

We ensure the quality of our service and products by:

To ensure that the standards we set are maintained,  we hold regular management review meetings where we set measurable objectives. We regularly relay quality objectives to all members of staff.

The overall responsibility for quality rests with me, as Managing Director. The authority to meet the requirements is delegated to individuals carrying out specific duties. 

Quality improvement is the responsibility of everyone and management will assist wherever possible to ensure that the quality objectives are achieved in order to continually improve and attain the customer satisfaction that is essential for the development of our future business. We are committed to satisfying all applicable legal and statutory requirements and to the continued improvement of thew quality of product that we deliver. 

Furthermore it is company policy for all employees to demonstrate full commitment to the quality procedures and objectives. to encourage this, a quality manual is available through our quality manager.


Managing Director