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Repairs and spare parts

We build our sofas and beds according to traditional upholstery techniques which allow sfor repairs and replacement of parts and components. This is important, as our furniture is built to last and it doesn’t make sense to dispose of such a well-made piece of furniture because a single component breaks.

Component Replacement

If a part of your furniture breaks, you can contact us for replacement parts. Because not all components are the same, the costs given below are approximate.

Replacement parts for chairs and sofas

Foot £30 — £50
Fabric cushion £100 — £150
Leather cushion £150 — 250

Replacement parts for beds and ottomans

Ottoman piston £50
Ottoman foot £20
Bed foot end £200 – £400
Slats £100 – £200
Sprung slats £200 – £300
Headboard £200 – £400
Footboard £100 – £300
Side rails £100 – £115


If your furniture requires a repair that can not be facilitated by a spare part, we can send an upholsterer to your home to inspect the damage. We will either carry out a repair there and then or bring your furniture back to our workshop for a full repair.

If we take away your sofa, bed or chair, we’ll be able to issue you with a temporary replacement of an equivalent style and colour.

Please contact us on 01254 457866 or if you require this service.